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Your description is the same as mine. I will be watching a show, movie, and it will just stop with a blue screen saying NO ACCESS.

It happens at least 3 times a day. THey tried that with me with my credit card. I lived in NY moved to Houston and she never told me it will be an automatic withdrawal for payment. When a month went by and we didn't get our bill I called and they said they take automatic setup only.

We have our phone, internet, AND cable by them. I said then cancel all three services. She said she would make an exception and charge me an extra fee for a paper bill sent to me. WHAT??

You are charging me for a bill?? So now I pay an extra amount to get a paper bill because she said they do not like accepting checks for payment. What a crock of s&^%. I hate this service.

As far as I know this is the only cable service in the Conroe, Texas Loop 336 area. I am disable so all I do is look forward to certain shows. But now the shows are always interrupted with Out of Service. I called the main office like you and was switched 4 times.

Finally got a work order. They came out. Said they did something outside checked the wires inside and said I was set. I don't know to this day what I was set for because It is STILL DOING THE SAME THING.

I hate this company.

If I had any other options I would change without even thinking about it. Even a 2 star company would be better than this piece of sh*& company.


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