This company is ridiculous., I got an internet connection in Providence in the Parks Community, in Texas and wasn't sent the proper equipment,so I called up to disconnect the next day I got my connection. I clearly stated I needed services for a wireless laptop only to be sent a modem and then told they don't offer those services.

The so called "professional" counselor wanted to argue with me and state he didn't see that anywhere on his paper. I then asked to speak to a Supervisor only to be told, "there wasn't a live manager" on site and someone would contact me within 24hrs. I guess they aren't aware of time either, because 3 days later and I have yet to hear from anyone.

They expect me to pay an activation fee of $29.95, and to ship the modem back at my expense to Seattle Washington. Not only does this company fall short, but so does the representatives they put on the phone lines with you. I'm contacting the BBB to get resolution.

Twice I have tried to contact someone in a Supervisory position with the same answer, "there isn't a live manager on site", at this rate, "a dead manager would probably be better".

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I'm stuck with ygnition at my apartments in Houston, TX and the prices they charge for tv are lousy. And to think they charge $40 a month for so called "high speed internet" is an absolute joke. I get faster speeds from my cell phone


Good afternoon,

My name is Amber and I am with the Ygnition Cares Team. My goal is to discuss any issues that you may be currently experiencing or have experienced in the past and help connect you with the proper Ygnition department to get these issues resolved. Ideally, we would like to be able to come up with a solution that works for you and help you become a satisfied customer again. We understand though, that you may have had unsatisfactory experiences and may be very frustrated. We truly want to work with you to discuss these issues so that you know that your voice is being heard. We also may already have solutions for you to several of the complaints that I have seen in this forum.

Please let us know how we can assist you.

-Amber C.

Customer Relations Associate



even though this comment is 2 years after the original, virtually no internet provider will provide you with a wireless router! do you want a free laptop too?


Talk to your apartment manager. They can authorize another company to come in and provide service, but they have to be the ones to call the other service provider.


Those who live at the Inglenook Apartment complex in Bothell WA only have Ynigtion as cable and internet service provider. They charge a lot, and their cable TV service is terrible, quality is actually worse than the public digitial broadcast.

They charge upgrade fees if you don't have phonse service with them (because they can't automate the upgrade; they have to type in manually!!!) I think these apartment complexes get some kind of kickback to get their tenants stuck with Ynition. Ynition won't be at all able to survive in an equal access environment where multiple service providers compete openly with each other in the same location.

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