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I am not typically one to write reviews about companies, but this company has me so ticked I want to do everything I can to make sure no one else signs up for service with them!

I signed up for Ygnition over U-Verse since I don't watch a ton of TV, I didn't feel like it was worth the premium. HUGE mistake!

As if their service didn't suck enough while I was a customer, the worst experience has been leaving them. They told me they didn't have time to come pick up the equipment from my apartment in City A, and that they couldn't come pick it up at my apartment in City B since they didn't service my new apartment location. So I had to drop it off at one of ther locations, which were both 30 minutes away from my apartments in City A and City B, so I decided to wait til I moved. I was also told both locations would be open until 4:30 pm.

When I finally got to their location in City B at 3:00, I learned that they closed every day at noon. When I called, they sent me a shipping label which expired in 30 days. 2 weeks later, I checked my bank statement and found out they charged me $425. When I called to find out why the *** that happened, they said their policy was that the equipment had to be turned in within 10 days. It is almost a month later, I still don't have my money back even though they have their equipment and I was promised it would be returned 4 days ago at the latest!

They ought to put more back in my bank account for pain and suffering after the traumatic experience of being their customer! Ygnition, take your crappy equipment and stick it where the sun don't shine!!!

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Totally agreed that they are the worst internet provider out there and of course the worst I ever had. They basic told me that they expect people to still pay for their service even if it doesn't work when I was cancelling it and asked for refund since it never worked....

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